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Life Transitions

"Going on when you don't have the strength
is the true definition of courage."

- Theodore Roosevelt

    Life Transitions

  • Life Transitions Therapy | Arlington Virginia | Individual Counseling

Life TransitionsTherapy focused on navigating through life’s challenges

Therapy focused on navigating through life’s challenges. Every one of us deals with significant transitions throughout our life. Sometimes, it involves transitioning your way of thinking. We spend so much time focusing on other people that we have to transition ourselves to take time for us individually. At Psychological Wellness Services, we acknowledge that certain circumstances or events – marriage, divorce, relocating, illness, becoming a parent, returning from deployment, or loss of a job or loss of a loved one – may have a significant impact on an individual’s feelings and behaviors. Change is never easy but our lives are in a constant state of change. Dealing with these major life troubles can be difficult to take on by ourselves. Our counselors assist our clients in navigating, coping, and accepting this new chapter of their lives. Some examples of life transitions where therapy can help include:

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